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We can reset and remove your forgotten login or system password so you can gain access to your machine again contact Computermanic today for more information.

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Have you dropped and broken your Laptop screen, is your Mac or PC lagging behind call Computermanic today you will be pleasantly surprised with our repair services.


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Faster ComputingWe’ll Diagnose Any Problem Completely Free affordable upgrades and custom built gaming machines We specialise in providing some of the most powerful computers specifically built for you. From hyper powerful office computers to full on super fast gaming machines.

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Custom Designs Thinking outside the box Personalised purpose built computer systems Update your existing machine or we can design a completely
new system from the ground up. 
With our new design service
you can really showcase your computer.

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We provide Computer repairs in Reading Berkshire & all surrounding areas and are currently working hard to expand and cover the entire United Kingdom. We can repair and upgrade all Computers and Laptops we also repair all Apple Macintosh iMac Computer problems including but not least MacBook Pro Screen, Battery and Keyboard replacements. We also are proud to offer realistically affordable Specialist Custom Solid State Drive upgrades to any make of Computer or Laptop. We provide Virus - Spyware removal and can offer some of the most powerful custom built computers and Apple Macintosh systems throughout the United Kingdom. We also provide Professional IT Procurement services helping you to obtain the correct equipment for your needs. Simply take advantage of our experience and expertise to do all the research and negotiation for you to find the exact computer equipment you need. Contact us today to discuss your requirements you will be pleasantly surprised of what we can do and offer you.


Our Services

  • Laptop & i-Mac Screen Repairs
    As part of our computer repair services, we offer a complete laptop screen repair service. If you have a broken, damaged, cracked, shattered, smashed or faulty laptop screen we can repair this for you. We can repair broken displays on most makes and models of laptop. This includes Apple Macbook & i-Mac...
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  • Computer Repair Services
    At Computermanic we are your local experts for all computer repairs. We are specialists in repair of all computers, including Mac, laptops, notebooks, netbooks and tablets. We can repair many faults to bring your computer back to working order, at a considerably lower cost than replacing your machine...
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  • Full Remote Support Service
    With Domestic & business so reliant on technology, any IT issues need to be addressed swiftly to minimise the impact on our daily lives. Our Remote IT Support service delivers a fast, efficient and cost effective solution for addressing the majority of software related issues...
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  • Virus & Spyware Removal
    Ever worried about your computer becoming infected with a virus or spyware, we can help. A virus can seriously harm your computer by corrupting software, deleting files or exposing your data. Even worse, if your computer becomes infected with spyware you could be revealing all...
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